As legal practitioners continue to adopt to work from home and hybrid workplace settings, they are under continual pressure to embrace new technologies and platforms that promise to increase collaboration, efficiency and offer better ways to communicate. Yet the increased use in technologies presents greater risks and challenges for both law firms and in-house departments. These include issues related to privacy & security, integration, and skills development – not to mention the higher levels of workplace stress and anxiety from 24/7 workdays, which technology now permits.

The LegalTech Summit Canada, presented ‘by lawyers, for lawyers’, will provide practical ideas and real life examples to thrive in the new legal virtual landscape. With a focus on small to mid-size legal practitioners and in-house counsel, it will gather leading legal voices in panels, presentations, and interactive sessions for hands-on, real life examples to improve law practice efficiency and legal service delivery.

Attendees will also be able to explore and evaluate the latest technologies and innovative products and discuss challenges and solutions to better integrate tech within their organization.

As hybrid work settings become the new norm for many legal workplaces, both law firms and in-house departments need to ensure they have the right tools, ideas and applications as the legal industry changes and new opportunities development.


Gain practical tips and ideas to improve your work from home experience

Learn the risks and benefits of increasing your firms use of the cloud

Get the latest information and insights to automate the management of law practices and in-house departments

Hear practical strategies to better adopt legaltech

Learn stress management techniques to improve your remote lifestyle


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