Jean-Sébastien Dupont

Partner, Smart & Biggar LLP

Jean-Sébastien Dupont is an accomplished intellectual property (IP) litigator, patent agent and trademark agent. He successfully represents clients in a wide range of technically complex cases involving high-stakes and commercially important IP assets and rights for his clients. Practicing in both French and English, he has represented clients before the Québec Superior Court, the Federal Court and the Federal Court of Appeal.

His most notable case work and client activities involve Canadian and international companies across industries, including hockey equipment and apparel, transport and shipping and tobacco. Most recently, he represented Dr. Luc Bessette, in a matter involving a platform for digital medical records that resulted in the first ever judgement against the province of Québec for patent infringement in Bessette v Québec (Attorney General of Québec), 2019 CF 393 (Federal Court T-975-16).