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November 25, 2021 | Online


Whether you are from a small regional practice, an in-house team or a large national law firm, the career progression path can be challenging. Further, with the legal profession undergoing rapid transformation, accelerated by events of the past year, building a successful practice can be especially difficult.

Technological advancements are also creating opportunities for new legal players, while clients have become increasingly demanding, budget conscious and open to using alternative legal service models.

The Young Lawyers Virtual Summit will provide associates, partners and others in law firm leadership with practical insights and ideas on common challenges, issues and obstacles young lawyers face as they grow their professional profiles and legal practice skills and advance their careers.

Join us virtually on November 24 at the Young Lawyers Virtual Summit to ensure you are prepared as you navigate your path forward. As today’s legal industry rapidly evolves, having those skill sets, insights and ideas to maneuver your career and grow your practice will be critical to your future success.


  • Hear from fellow legal professionals to learn how to build your profile and become a thought leader.
  • Find out how better plan and assess your professional options as you advance in your practice.
  • Learn how to impress prospective clients with top tips for delivering an effective pitch.
  • Discover the latest technologies and tools to increase your client network and enhance existing relationships.
  • Examine pragmatic steps and ideas to better balance personal and family needs with a growing practice.


  • Legal practitioners from law firms of all sizes looking for practical ideas to expand their networks and profile.
  • In-house counsel and legal departments seeking insights and guidance to better manage their career and work life balance.
  • Senior legal leadership who wish to better navigate and understand the nuances of working with younger lawyers.
  • Service providers, industry consultants and associations who want to connect with tomorrow’s future legal leaders.
  • Government counsel from all levels of government who want to connect with fellow practitioners in the private sector.

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