The COVID-19 Revolution: How Next-Generation Technologies are Transforming Law Firms Today

LIVE and Online JUNE 29, 2021 | 8:45 am-4:00 pm EST

Technology is changing everything, especially after COVID-19. The legal industry isn’t immune to these big shifts. From how to compete in the market to how attorneys practice law, law firms are feeling the pressure to adapt or be left behind. However, the buzz phrase “digital transformation” often paints an oversimplified picture of what it means to keep current. Developing a new technology strategy, identifying important KPIs (yes, these are changing too), choosing the right tools, and managing the behavioral changes needed to realize ROI is extremely difficult.

But change is necessary.

Given this reality, what if each digital transformation step was made as easy as possible? What would harnessing the potential of intelligent systems look like from a day-to-day workflow and productivity perspective?

Let’s find out.

Join Helm360 and our prominent guest panelists for a fascinating round table discussion about how today’s intelligent technology can revolutionize attorneys’ ability to use and interact with complex applications and data. We’ll also discuss how lawyers at digital-ready firms understand their performance relative to their peers, collaborate efficiently with remote colleagues, and automate the parts of their job that pull time and energy away from actually practicing law.

You might be surprised to learn how firms like yours are already using next-generation technologies to do business today. Step into the conversation to learn how you can join them.

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