Lisa Stam

Lawyer and Founder, SpringLaw

Lisa Stam practices all aspects of employment, labour and human rightslaw, and has a particular interest in legal issues involving technology inthe workplace and the various methods by which people continue tomess things up with technology.

She regularly advises clients on the usual employment law fare: domesticand international employment advice, drafting offer letters andemployment contracts, workplace policies and handbooks, advising onbonus and commission plans, benefits, workplace privacy issues,independent contractors, confidential and proprietary information, anddiscipline and terminations. She has also advised on a variety of humanrights issues such as accommodating disabilities in the workplace, sexualharassment, discrimination and gender transition.

Lisa frequently speaks on and advises clients about the impact, risks and opportunities of technology in the workplace, including social medialegal issues, privacy breaches, and ownership of data. She remainsperplexed at humanity’s inability to more carefully set their social mediaprivacy settings but continues to enjoy the juicy bits of evidence thatcould form the basis of a future best-selling novel.

Lisa is a member of the Canadian Netherlands Business andProfessionals Association, Verity Women’s Business Club and various barassociations (the legal not fun kind). She graduated from the Universityof Toronto with a specialty in medieval history, and therefore went to lawschool, graduating from Dalhousie Law School in 2003, and has sincebeen licensed to practice law by the Law Society of Ontario.

When not practicing law, Lisa practices adulthood with a spouse, twokids and a dog, hikes outdoors, watches anything historical, andprobably enjoys more opera and science fiction than is sociallyacceptable.© SpringLaw Professional Corporation 2021