Marcus Sixta

Founder, Family Lawyer & Mediator, Crossroads Law & Coach My Case

Marcus M. Sixta is a family lawyer, mediator and former social worker. He is the founder of Crossroads Law, a family law firm operating in B.C. and Alberta. He is also the founder of Coach My Case, a groundbreaking legal services company that aims to improve access to justice by providing remote legal coaches and paralegal navigators to those who can’t afford traditional legal services and are forced to represent themselves in court. He believes that access to justice can be improved through alternative, client-centered models for legal services.

Marcus has also been a public voice for access to justice in Canada. He has written articles featured in numerous publications and has appeared in many news stories on access to justice issues including the CBC and Global News. He has been recognized by Canadian Lawyer Magazine as one of the Top 25 Most Influential Lawyers in 2021 in the Changemaker category for his work in this area.

Driving all of his work is Marcus’ passion for giving back to the community. He sits on the Canadian Bar Association B.C. committee for unbundled legal services and has presented legal coaching topics for the Canadian Bar Association. He is also a supervising lawyer for Pro Bono Students Canada, volunteer for Access Pro Bono BC and a contributor to the Law Society of Alberta’s Family Law Practice Manual and is a board member for A Better City Vancouver.