The Employment Law Masterclass is designed to provide busy legal professionals with a comprehensive overview of employers’ ever-evolving workforce obligations. Whether you’re looking for guidance on vaccine mandates, contract agreements or health and safety measures, this program will feature a line-up of leading employment law experts who will provide the answers to your most pressing employment law questions and concerns.  

With employment regulations in the workplace becoming increasingly complex as governments change guidelines and new case law emerges, organizations need to ensure they are aware of the latest legal insights and best practices to avoid potential pitfalls as they manage their duties and obligations.  

This masterclass will cover questions such as: How will changes in employment standards impact your workforce? What can organizations do to improve their retention efforts? How can counsel best accommodate employees in a changing landscape while ensuring they meet their company’s operational needs? 


Get answers to your most crucial legal questions as you navigate the pandemic

Engage with top legal experts and your colleagues to share insights and ideas for tackling workforce challenges

Get the latest updates on vaccine mandates, workplace accommodation, employment standards, health and safety guidelines, litigation trends and more

Discuss workplace mental health and the importance of building a culture of wellness in today’s stressful times

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