The Employment Law Masterclass will provide employers with critical information and the latest updates on their workplace duties and obligations as they continue to maneuver through the dynamic environment of the pandemic and changing social forces. With workplaces preparing to reopen, vaccines being rolled out and governments updating their workplace guidelines, organizations need to ensure they are up to date on how these developments will impact their operations and potential liability risk. What do employers need to be aware of as they begin to reintegrate their workforces or move to permanent hybrid workplace models? How should they prepare themselves in advance to ensure they minimize potential workforce disruption? What trends will have the biggest impact on employers’ legal duties and obligations in the year ahead?


Hear the latest updates and new developments on constructive dismissal

Gain critical insights on vaccines in the workplace as a condition of employment

Understand the types of staff mental health issues employers are facing and how to accommodate them

Get updates on changes to the law related to employee dismissals and how this could impact employment contracts

Delve into the health and safety issues employers need to consider with a return to the workplace

Gain new ideas on how employers can develop effective D&I programs while maintaining their legal obligations

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