Rose Keith

Associate Counsel, Harper Grey LLP

During her 25-year career, Rose has earned a reputation for her sound judgment and well-rounded perspective. Having worked as a solo practitioner before transitioning to her current role as Associate Counsel at Harper Grey, Rose brings a unique and informed perspective to her broad practice. The guiding principle for Rose is finding the right legal solution for her clients and in doing so nothing is more important than being respectful, compassionate, and responsive. Her diverse practice spans workplace law, commercial litigation, and critical injury. She is also an established mediator. Eager to share her expertise with the profession, Rose is a sought-after writer and speaker. She contributes to numerous blogs and publications and presents often, both internally and externally. In addition to her recognition within the legal profession, Rose has built a name for herself within the greater community, actively participating in board positions for many different organizations and associations. For Rose, success is not limited to professional triumphs, but instead stems from well-balanced contributions to both her profession and community. Throughout her career, Rose has demonstrated strong leadership skills and an eagerness to dig in and help to get things done. In concert with providing the excellent legal services her clients have come to expect, Rose has focused on building strong and lasting business relationships with her colleagues, peers, and community.